FFS E-learning

Enabling the efficient implementation of the family-friendly sports approach

FFS Label

Certification for sports clubs that meet family-friendly quality standards

FFS Policy

Advocating for the official recognition of the family-friendly sports approach.

Family friendly sport

Become Family Friendly Sport Club

By implementing a family-friendly approach to your club’s activities, you will make its work more attractive, engaging, and interactive both to younger and older generations. Our Guidelines will lead you through this process and our Label will ensure your compliance with the quality standards of the family-friendly approach is recognized on the international level.

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Guide for Introducing family Friendly Sport

This Guideline is developed for the representatives of sports clubs and organizations who are willing to implement a family-friendly sports approach to their work.

Introduction to the concept

Learn what exactly is the family-friendly sports concept and what benefits it brings to clubs, children, and their guardians.

Practical skills and pieces of advice

Find out how to effectively communicate, manage, and implement a family-friendly approach.

Innovative methods

Get familiar with the set of interactive sports-based educational methods that you can use in your work.

Guideline for Facilitating Intergenerational Dialogue at Family-Friendly Sports Activities

With this guideline, you will learn how to actively foster intergenerational dialogue and provide non-formal education through sports activities!

Tips for working with parents and children

Learn more about the needs of your target group and how to cooperate with them in a meaningful manner.

Steps for successful FFS activities implementation

Follow our practical tips and advice for effortless implementation of the FFS activities.

Innovative methods

Use our ready-made methods and get the most out of your FFS activities when it comes to intergenerational dialogue.

News from the network

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The Consortium meeting with experts within the project “Family Friendly Sport – Achieving Sustainable Family Friendly Sport Ecosystem” was held in Valencia, Spain, from September 10 to 14, 2023....


The project “FFS – Family Friendly Sports” is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and brings together 7 different organizations and sports clubs from 5 countries around...

Meet the project consortium

The project Family-Friendly Sport is implemented by an international consortium of clubs and organizations from Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, Belgium and Spain.