Chapter 3

D. Organizational skills

  1. Implementation


Time to put your plan into action! In the beginning this might be a little stressful, as it appears as an experiment, and this is why organizing everything in advance and having a concrete plan can be lifesaving.


(a) Adjustment period

As new as the FFS concept might be to you, it is quite likely that your target group is experiencing this for the first time as well. It is better to keep the ball low and not raise your expectations too high for the first period. Give some space to your team to adjust in this new form of training, let them explore their own boundaries and roles within the team and find their team balance under your guidance.


(b) Team building

This form of interaction between family members in the sports field is introducing new roles and a totally unknown environment for your team members. For sure they are not familiar with this kind of activities and it might take some time to relax, get to know each other under these new circumstances, bond as a team and be able to cooperate smoothly and enjoy the process. Therefore, it is important to invest some time in team building activities that will make everyone relax and feel comfortable. Prepare these activities in advance and insist in performing them and repeating them if need be.




  1. Follow up


After every training session the work is not over yet for you! Post-game analysis is equally –if not more- important than the game itself and FFS trainings are no exception to that!


(a) Receive feedback

Invite your team members to share their feelings about the training session. How was it for them and what would they change? What did they enjoy the most and what made them feel uncomfortable? Keep their feedback in mind and also take some time to reflect as well. Were there any moments you felt uneasy or you struggled with? Which moments seem to stand out and bring the best results during your training session?


(b) Evaluate and improve

After defining the weak and the strong points of your training session try to incorporate the comments you received from your team, as well as your own reflection points, into organizing the next training session. Make the necessary adjustments and try to improve you plan in a way that will at least minimize the weak points and strengthen the positive ones.