Nikos Chatzimochalilidis is a basketball player and has served in several local teams in his city Thessaloniki, Greece. Currently he is playing for E.O. Stavroupolis in the 3rd League of the Basketball Clubs Association of Thessaloniki (Γ1 ΕΚΑΣΘ), after a successful year in Makedonikos BC in the 2nd League (Β ΕΚΑΣΘ). Since 2019 though, he is in charge of the basketball academies of AEET 2007 sports club, with his young athletes ranging from 6 to 13 years of age. He is in charge of the training programs, as well as the side events of the academies, while his focus is on supporting the implementation of family sports activities, acknowledging the benefits of such initiatives for the physical condition, the mental health of all members, as well as the strengthening of their personal bonds and family relationships.