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What is the FFS E-Learning and what is there to learn?

The E-Learning module of the project is created to help sports clubs and organizations learn more about family-friendly sports approach and how to implement it in their daily work, as well as how to inspire children and their guardians to actively participate in them.

The FFS Guidelines contain a set of instructions, tips, examples, descriptions, and tested methodologies that will ensure your club’s transition to a family-friendly mode of work is effortless and straightforward.

What do FFS Guidelines contain?

Guidelines for Introducing FFS

What is the FFS?

Learn more about the impact, benefits and challenges of implementing a family-friendly sports approach.

Skills and knowledge needed for FFS

Explore practical knowledge you need to master in order to be truly family-friendly.

Methods for involving the FFS approach

Access a set of interactive, engaging, and fun family-friendly sports methodologies

Guidelines for Facilitating Intergenerational Dialogue within FFS Activities

Steps for implementing FFS activities

Go through our step-by-step explanation of all aspects of the effective FFS activity implementation.

Tips for attracting parents

Learn how to gain attention and motivate guardians to take part in activities with their children that you organize.

Methodologies for intergenerational dialogue

Our tested methodologies will ensure you get the most out of your sports activities aimed at boosting intergenerational dialogue

What do clubs say about the Guidelines?


The Guidelines taught us how to implement a family-friendly sports approach into our work. The process proved to be simple, straightforward, and most importantly – fun and engaging. Thanks for the opportunity!


Guidelines enabled us to drastically improve our capacities in working and engaging parents of children who train in our club. Now our activities are more engaging and attractive for all generations.