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Aim of the project

This platform is developed within the EU-supported project “Family Friendly Sports”, which has the aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem for the development and growth of family-friendly sports aimed at children’s health enhancement and social inclusion.

FFS is connecting generations

One of the goals of the project is to enable the creation of sports-based activities and methodologies that will ensure transgenerational dialogue between family members and their active participation in sports.

FFS is promoting active and healthy lifestyles

Sports play one of the key roles in the proper development of children, but also in keeping adults mentally and physically healthy and fit.

FFS is building the capacities of sports clubs

Our innovative FFS Guidelines and FFS Label are designed to enable sports clubs to introduce a family-friendly sports approach in their daily work and make their activities more engaging, attractive, and inclusive.

Importance of FFS

Family Friendly Sports are crucial in ensuring the proper physical and psychological development of children as they help build up their skills for communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Sports also play an important societal role, especially in the family setting, ensuring the exchange of knowledge, intergenerational dialogue, and strengthening bonds among family members.

Around 60% of children are regularly engaging in sports outside school settings.


Less than 15% of parents take part in sports activities together with their children on a regular basis.


Close to 40% of sports clubs organize family-friendly activities for their members on a monthly basis.


Benefits of FFS

There are numerous short and long-term benefits both for children and their parents that engagement in family-friendly sports provides.


FFS activities are designed to be easily implemented in regard to time, location, and venue.


FFS activities can ensure the participation of all interested people, no matter their physical preparedness levels.


FFS are inciting collaboration and joint problem solving among family members.

Team spirit

FFS is nurturing a sense of healthy competition and team work in achieving set goals.

Emotional maturity

FFS ensures children learn how to control and express their emotions in a healthy way.

Active lifestyle

Regular engagement in sports leads to stress reduction and improved physical and mental wellbeing

Meet the project consortium

The project Family-Friendly Sport is implemented by an international consortium of clubs and organizations from Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, Belgium and Spain.