We are together in this!

What is the FFS Network?

The FFS network is enabling clubs accredited for family-friendly sports to work together towards achieving the shared goal. Through the network, clubs can collaborate, exchange knowledge, build partnerships, and develop innovative techniques, policies, and methodologies for boosting FFS aspects of their work

Benefits of becoming a member

Connecting with clubs with the same values and mission

The FFS Network is enabling your club to link up and build cooperation with sports clubs from all around Europe that share the same vision as you.

Exchanging knowledge and skills

The FFS Network enables and encourages the free flow of information, knowledge and skills among its members, thus ensuring their growth and expansion.

Improving your offer

By adopting the practices and experiences of other Network members, you can make your activities more attractive not only to kids but to their guardians as well!

Promote your work

Make your work visible to visitors of the FFS platform by enabling them to visit your website and contact you.


Download the Memorandum of Cooperation and Network Founding Document for the FFS Network. 

Members of the network