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The project “FFS – Family Friendly Sports” is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and brings together 7 different organizations and sports clubs from 5 countries around Europe to achieve the aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem for the development and growth of family-friendly sport aimed at children’s health enhancement and social inclusion.

The FFS project involves numerous activities, combining in-person and online formats, and addressing all relevant target groups: children, young people, families, sports clubs and sports organizations, as well as stakeholders that are to some extent involved in the sports field – including parents associations, sports federations, local authorities, sponsors and donors, schools, civil society organizations, media, and many others.

The kick-off meeting gathered representatives of every member of the Consortium – MoveIt and Athletic club AEET (Greece), NGO Backslash (Spain), NGO Libero, and Basketball club Cerak (Serbia),  CONNECT International (Belgium) and NGO Interkultura and Karate club Metalurg (North Macedonia). The meeting enable the Consortium members to finalize the aim and objectives of the project, defined the structure of the research as the first phase of the project and agreed on task distribution and coordination details.

Stay tuned and follow our upcoming activities within the project!


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