What is this Guide offering?

Well…this Guide is developed in an effort to reach one important final goal: create a sustainable eco-system for the development and growth of family friendly sport, aiming at the enhancement of children’s health and social inclusion. Of course, this mission appears – and literally is – a quite demanding one!

In this context, this Guide will try to support clubs that are already working with children to involve those children’s guardians in their activities, on a regular basis – at least once per month, with the intention to raise this frequency as much as possible. In practice, these FFS activities are made according to standards and methodologies that ensure the educational purposes of the activity, eliminate negative and unhealthy competition, build guardian-coach-child partnerships, and of course promote the positive values of sport.

In order to achieve this, this Guide, as part of a family friendly sport ecosystem, will try to offer to sports clubs guidance on how to deal with this mixed group of people (children and their guardians), by focusing on attracting, engaging and preparing the latter for this new and promising experience!

Our final goal? To ensure smooth cooperation and interaction between the two age groups involved and achieve the maximum possible benefits for everyone!