Here they are! They expressed their interest to participate in your FFS activity, though little do they know about how exactly it works. So, how would they enter the process in the dark? No worries! There are a few steps to go here as well:

  • Involvement is the key! – Noone likes to be taught boring rules, explained complicated procedures and having to follow through without having a say. This process normally makes people lose their interest and motivation – and we definitely do not want this! It’s time for you to do the exact opposite! Involve them in the process and make them part of it! Hold an open discussion, ask them to share their opinion about your plans, jointly make adjustments to fit their needs along the way. Having them by your side will not only intrigue them and create a sense of a team, but will also help you understand what they need and how you can make it happen. Ask them to share their expectations and fears, use the time to clearly explain to them the aims and objectives of the activity. At the end of the day, don’t forget that they are your young athletes’ guardians and they can also share with you important information about them that might bring you several steps closer to a successful FFS journey!
  • Teach your guardians how to NFE – Undoubtedly this kind of sports activities are far beyond formal approaches – on the contrary, they embrace and promote experiential learning through non-formal education methods. You need to keep in mind though, that most probably your guardians will have no idea about the NFE concept – they have their jobs, they are parents who set rules and expect their children to obey, they are somewhat dry and typical in the learning process. Teach them how to do it! NFE is a whole new world and the more you make them familiar, the merrier you prepare them to join your FFS activity full force, enjoy it and get the most out of it. If you would like some extra support on how to use non-formal education methods in and through sports, take a look at the platform developed within the project „IN/ThROugh – power of cross-sectoral synergy between education and sport


    • Step-by-step – You need to take into consideration that all of this is a brand new world for your guardians and there might be to match information for them to process. And that CAN be intimidating. Instead of pushing them to dive deep right from the start, it is preferable to gradually involve them in the process. Prefer to start with smaller and less complicated tasks in order to have some primary taste of it. Step by step involve them in more demanding tasks, assign them certain responsibilities, ask them to participate more actively and follow this process as long as they feel more comfortable and relaxed to do it. We all need time to adjust to anything new and guiding your new adult members step-by-step and at their own pace will allow them to enjoy the process more and accept it more easily.

    That’s it! You have all you need to deal with the challenges of FFS activities with regards to adults and their introduction to the FFS. Now that you received some theoretical background, let’s explore a few concrete ideas you can use in real life!