Your event has kicked off! But is your work over now? Is following your team script the only concern you should carry from now on? Well…we wouldn’t say so! Implementing your activity in real life might bring along a few challenges which may test your nerves, your confidence and your cool. Relax! It is totally normal and there are a few ways to limit down the risks and help you succeed. Take a look:

  • Build trust – As we mentioned previously, dealing with these diverse age groups with this special relationship that is bonding them, may be quite challenging at occasions. Especially since adults are put in the equation. At the end of the day…they are grown ups with their own personalities and habits, maybe with a sense of uncomfort when being new at this and a few authoritative habits against their own children which now happen to be team members! How should you deal with this? Well…trust is the only solution! You need to ensure that team members trust each other, but also trust you as the leader of the process! Create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and secure, and comfortable to share their opinion and have their voice heard, regardless of age and roles in real life. Make them trust the process per se and everything will be easier! Trust us! 🙂
  • Keep an eye & sense the non-obvious – Sometimes risks are not as obvious, but are lurking under -supposedly- innocent behaviors, words, actions. And when we talk about adults, then this can be an easy task for them against your weaker target group – children. What you need to do as a team leader and a person in charge is to constantly keep your attention in high levels and notice the details, small things that might reveal discomfort, pressure, provocation, depreciation, fear – anything that could set your FFS effort on fire and ruin its amazing scope.
  • Be ready to adjust – plan B is your friend! – Who can guarantee that everything will go according to plan? That your target groups cooperate smoothly and equally enjoy the process without any leaks? That your structure is not only super efficient but also totally matches the personalities, needs and expectations of your team members? Well…no one! Don’t panic! Remember what we were saying about good preparation? This is where you will be harvesting what you have planted! Be ready to adjust to any unexpected circumstances, use your plan Bs, be flexible and listen! Listen to what your group needs to say and adapt to the new set!
  • Reflect – Evaluate – Improve – They say that the enemy of good is better! And they are right! How would you know what went wrong or right, though? By reflecting, of course! Take some time to think back about everything that happened and stress out the positive and negative things that took place. Involve your FFS team members in the process. Give them time to express themselves and describe their experience – both children and adults! Collect all the feedback and reflect on that again. Can you change anything in your next FFS effort? What can you improve? How can you avoid the tricky parts? Become better by acknowledging your “wins” and embracing your “losses”!

If you follow these golden rules…then there is not much left to think! Oh! Wait a minute…What about bringing guardians in the game? Oh, those adults…