Chapter 3

C. Flexibility

Flexibility, adjustment, adaptability – concept that are quite similar and definitely interlinked. Someone who is flexible has the capacity of adapting quickly and effectively to changing conditions and environments, addressing the arising challenges with calmness and stability, having alternative options when things do not go as expected and also being persistent before difficulties that come up abruptly. In any environment shared with multiple people unpredictable demands or unexpected events might occur. In such occasions, being versatile, resilient and responsive to change – in other words…being flexible is imperative! But this is one side of the coin. If you flip it to the other side, flexibility is equally important to your FFS team as well. Your members need to be able to adjust quickly and successfully in new circumstances and short-term changes and it is –once again! – your role to encourage that. Don’t worry! There is a way to do it – take a look!