Chapter 3

Soft skills are never too soft!

As every new concept or idea, FFS is also covered with a veil of mystery and unknown. The more you practice it the merrier you learn about it and the more confident you will feel along the way. Before dealing with the specificities of this idea though, it is important to equip yourself and your staff members with certain skills and capacities which will set the foundations for your evolution and will safeguard the smooth, safe and quality implementation of such activities. Some of them may be quite popular, others not so much. However, it is definitely worth it to explore them, self-evaluate and discover the areas where you can improve and become even better!

A. Communication

Of course, it’s a matter of interpretation. Communication is as wide as any such term can be and it covers a lot of aspects in FFS. Here we will discuss about the two (2) most relevant forms of communication in the framework of FFS: